The Year Long Projects

I usually don’t plan my year. I don’t even plan my week to be honest. I also don’t make resolutions for new years. Those are for my birthdays. But this time, since I have started this blog, I thought why don’t I make a list of projects I want to do for the coming year. So here’s my list, my project goals:

  • Journalingjournal01

    I have always been a huge fan of journaling. But then, I haven’t really disciplined myself to jot my day/thoughts in a journal everyday. This year, I am thinking of doing just that. I have already bought a notebook (or rather made my friend buy it and gift it to me) and started jotting down since Jan 1. Hopefully I will stick by it till the end of the year and I have some memories to look back at.

  • Making zinesyearlongproject02

    Making zinesis something I have been wanting to do for a long time but failing. First, I have no idea how to make a zine. Second, I am not so sure what should my zine be about. But I would want to make zines, for myself and friends as well as for other projects I am involved in.

  • Getting Inkedtheyearlongproject03

    Ever since I was a kid, I’d wanted to have tattoo. I always thought I would give myself a birthday gift of tattoo when I turned 21 but when I did turn 21, I totally forgot about it. So me! Later as I researched about tattoo for an article, realized that I might not be comfortable at getting it at all. But I still had tattoo fetish you see. I would still stalk tattoo designs on pinterest although I didn’t have a board for it. But then last year, I got this idea of getting henna tattoo in the month of July and this year, I am just going to do that again.

  • Book of Patterns/Quotesyearlongproject04

    I have a thing for doodles and quotes. When I was younger, I used to think that I could probably publish a book of my own quotes (yes, silly me). And well, I suck at drawing anything. A friend of mine had suggested to start with whatever’s on my mind. I didn’t have to draw things like cups and houses but could just make my own patterns. So I had started drawing patterns on my notebook and hopefully will finish it by the end of this year. And for quotes, I guess it will be a good way to try some lettering and fail.

What are your DIY, creative projects for this year? Share it with me and I might get inspired to stick with my projects. A belated Happy New Year! Until next post


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