gallery One day at Sunrise Farm


On Friday morning last week, I got a text to be free for the next day and to check my Facebook message for the plan. The plan was to go to a permaculture farm and do a pilot session on a new project, Pailaharu, by a friend where we would take a stroll around the farm and write, read, doodle. I immediately agreed, one – because I was free, two because I love the idea of ‘farm’, three because I love the writing session conducted by this friend and four, because she would bring orange-chocolate cake and you know, you can never say no to a cake (or any food with chocolate in it, or at least I can’t).

We were supposed to meet at Sitapaila Chowk at around 11:15 but then by the time everyone arrived, it was past 11:30. Seven of us then walked from Sitapaila Chowk towards Sunrise Permaculture Farm, which is located on the way to Ramkot. There, we met Prabina didi, whose dad owns the farm. She gave us a tour as well as gave us information about permaculture and her farm.

Sunrise Farm is small for a farm while large for a keba, kitchen garden. Divided into three storeys, the farm grows mixed fruits and vegetables and also have shed for dairy. There are few rules in the farm – not to step on the dyang and walk only on kholcha, not to pick fruits from trees but the ones fallen on the ground are allowed to be eaten, to observe without any expectation and just to enjoy the stroll. After the first tour, we sat down to discuss the idea of the session and later roamed around the farm on our own. From the cold breeze to tall trees, from fruits to ants and bees, the session made us think about how we are connected to the land and nature.

You can read what I wrote/doodle in my primary blog, here.
Also, the final photo of the group was taken by Kshitiz Shrestha.


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